FAQs on wedding dress alterations

Q: How much do you charge for wedding dress alterations?

A: Wedding dress alterations costs depend on the specific needs of each customer. Just as every wedding dress is different, every figure is different. I really can’t tell how much work needs to be done until I see the dress on your body. And again, it also depends on how many layers your wedding dress has, whether it has beading and how heavy the beading is, the type of boning, etc.

I understand that many brides have a budget to stick to, but if price is your number one concern, then I am probably not the dressmaker for you. There are many alteration places who charge less than I do. I like to be able to focus my attention on serving the right customers who will appreciate my work.

Q: When should I make an appointment?

A: If you are not planning to lose (or gain) weight, I recommend booking your first fitting at about 6 to 7 weeks before your wedding. If you do have plans to lose weight up to your wedding day, I can fit you in about 5 weeks before. Please note that if you require an appointment in the months of August to April, you may have to book a few weeks in advance as my schedule fills up quickly.


Q. Can I come and see you to discuss about the alterations before I decide?

Yes, you can, but please note I do charge a consultation fee of $50 for half an hour.


Q. How long is my fitting?

First fittings generally last approximately 60 minutes. Second fittings about 30 minutes or less.


Q. What if I continue to lose weight after the first fitting?

The measurements I take at your first fitting will be used for your wedding dress alterations. I will not be liable if your measurements changed substantially after your first fitting.

Q: What if I’m pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

A: As your breasts and figure are changing, I would recommend the first fitting to be about 4 weeks before your wedding date.


Q: Can wedding dresses be re-sized?

A: Yes, they can be re-sized down, up to 4 or 5 sizes, depending on the cut and pattern. I have altered wedding dresses of brides who have lost 30kg after they have bought their dresses. How much a bridal gown can be let out will depend on how much material is available in the seams of the dress.


Q: What kind of alterations can you do to a wedding dress?

A: Other than the usual bridal alterations such as shortening the hem, taking in or letting out sides, adding bustles, I have done major alterations such as completely restyling the whole look of an existing bridal gown, changing the shape of the neckline, changing a zippered back to a laced-up back, resizing dresses and more. No alteration is too big or small. Even if you think something can’t be done, just ask and we can work something out. If something cannot be done, I will let you know upfront.


Q. What if there is a problem with the wedding dress alterations?

As a business owner with a reputation to protect, I will NEVER knowingly let my customers leave with a badly done job. Before a bride picks up her dress, I will ensure that all the alterations have been done properly, either by myself or my tailors. And before a dress leaves my property, I will check again to see that everything is in good order, as will the bride. Once a dress leaves my place, it’s really out of my control how it is handled. However, even after all these quality control checks, and it turns out I did overlook a mistake, I will do my best to fix it.
(I have come across certain customers who nitpick at things or claim to find problems after getting their dresses home, just to get a freebie. Please don’t do it. It’s bad karma.)


Q: Do you do other clothing alterations?

A: Yes, I do. My customers come to me for many types of sewing jobs, from curtain-making to bedding to even altering pets’ clothing.


Q: Do you alter men’s suits?

A: Yes. I also sell a limited number of ties in various ‘bridesmaids’ colours, subject to availability.